Mining Exploration

Siam Minerals supplies the high-quality drilling fluids for mineral exploration as well as products and solutions for projects related to mineral exploration, from drilling boreholes to optimizing hole conditions for diamond drilling to solutions involving RC and air drilling and our waterwell drilling fluids that are environmentally sound and easily removed upon completion.

Product Overview

TIXOBENT M3High yield bentonite for mining & exploration drilling
TIXOBENT SUPREMESuper high yield bentonite for mining & exploration drilling
SIM LUBELubricant
SIM DETLiquid surfactant, detergent
SIM FOAMFoaming agent
SIM TROL EXTRAViscosifier, fluid loss controll agent
SIM CORE 800Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (granules)
SIM GUMXanthan Gum
SIM SPERSEThinning agent
SIM LIQPOLClay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (Liquid)
SIM PAC RPolyannionic cellulose (Regular grade)

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