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Drilling Fluid Systems

Integrated Solutions

for your drilling project.

We offer drilling fluid services that are fully integrated to our clients needs and are backed up by the profound expertise of our mud engineers and drilling fluid specialists. Alongside a wide range of consistent quality products we provide mud engineering services that cover the full life cycle of drilling fluid systems - from the initial project planning to mud disposal. We design drilling fluid guidelines and provide professional on-site technical support that are fundamental to increase efficiency and lower the costs of drilling. With the help of our laboratory capabilities, we are able to make our drilling fluid services available on a remote scale as well.  With the help of our extended lab analyses our clients will have access to remote testing methods and respond to challenging soil conditions with drilling fluids and additives adapted to their specific requirements. 

Mud Engineering

Technical Support

Lab Analyses

Mud School


Mud Engineering Services

Drilling fluid guidelines tailored to your needs.

We help our customers select the best mud materials to develop drilling solutions and working fluids for all geological conditions. Our knowledge in the field of mud engineering includes assessing the KPIs of drilling fluids and assistance in testing and evaluating types of drill formulation needed for various soil, water, and site conditions.


Technical Support

Professional technical support in line with our quality product range.

We provide technical support wherever and whenever it is needed. Our experienced team of specialists will be a reliable source of support for your project and will provide technical insight on drilling fluids and the best options for soil-based solutions - both remote or on-site.


Lab Analysis & Mud Program

Extended lab analyses and testing methods.

We provide access to lab facilities to analyze the compositions and critical parameters that influence the formulation, analysis and monitoring of mud projects.


Mud School

Training programs for different backgrounds.

We are able to teach our technicians on the construction site on the necessary skills needed to understand drilling fluid solutions. Depending on their background and the desired specification level, your team will be able to understand the proper use and selection of drilling fluids, and how to use lab equipment on site.