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Medical Hub Khon Kaen University

Bored Piles in Thailand

Medical Hub Khon Kaen University

The medical center is an important mega project of the Khon Kaen University launched constructions in September 2020 and is said to be opening its medical, training and research services by 2024.

Siam Minerals was put in charge of adding technical knowledge and bentonite drilling fluid supply for the installation of 918 bored piles. The depth of the bored piles varied from 35 meters to 45 meters, with a diameter varying between 0.8 meters and 1,5 meters.

Project Responsibilities

  • Supply of high-quality bentonite drilling fluid and technical support via our mud engineering team.

  • Deep foundation: 918 bored piles
    Depth: 35 meters – 45 meters
    Diameter: 80 cm – 150 cm

Project Challenges

  • The soil profile is a mixture of sand and silty clay, which is difficult to recycle using de-sanding equipment.

Delivered Drilling Fluid Products

All drilling fluid products

Project Investment

4,000 Mio THB