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MRT Phase II construction in Jakarta, Indonesia

Diaphragm Walls in Indonesia

Drilling Fluids for Diaphragm Walls in Jakarta

The second phase of the Jakarta MRT construction started in June 2020, after a long delay due to the pandemic. Phase 2 comprised a 2.8-kilometer underground tunnel leading through Indonesia’s capital city. We are proud to be part of the construction of 152 diaphragm walls at Sarinah station as drilling mud advisor team and supplier. The installation of the slurry trenches involves extracting a trench while simultaneously keeping heavy viscous slurry (bentonite) filling the excavation to provide lateral pressure that must be at least be equal to or greater than the lateral pressure of the trench walls.

Our mud expert team in Indonesia helped to choose the must suitable bentonite drilling mud and additional polymer to manage the sandy and saltwater contaminated soil profile.

Project Responsibilities

Provide drilling fluids for the installation of diaphragm walls:

  • 152 d wall trenches

  • Thickness 1m

  • Length 6m

  • Depth 30m

Project Challenges

  • Soil profile combination of marine clay (brackish water with high salt contamination) and sand.

  • Water conditions with pH 7 and EC 500 µS/cm

Delivered Drilling Fluid Products

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Project Owner

PT MRT Jakarta

Mud Engineering

In cooperation with Niva Solutions (Siam Minerals Partner)