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PTT Gas Transmission Project

HDD in Nong Khae District, Thailand

PTT Gas Transmission Project

Plans to expand the natural gas pipeline network on the reroute section as the first transmission pipeline life extension project (PLLEP) is currently underway. The construction of the 42-kilometer gas pipeline with a diameter of 18 inches is aimed to improve gas distribution within the Nong Khae district and other nearby industries in need of gas sources.

Project Responsibilities

  • Pipeline:

    • Length: 42 kilometers

    • Diameter: 18 inches

Project Challenges

  • The soil profile combination of rock, gravel, active clay and sand formation.

  • Frac-out is restricted as the pipeline lies along the main highway with busy traffic.

Drilling fluid challenges

Due to the combination of gravel and sand, the drilling fluid used must contain high gel strength properties as this will be an essential part of removing the cuttings from the hole. On the other hand, active clay formation requires fluid with good dispersing properties with the main purpose of preventing possible frac-out and sticky clay on drilling tools. As drilling fluids become heavy over time, an appropriate additive must be used to improve recycling efficiency.

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