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Drilling Fluids

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Drilling Fluids

Siam Minerals offers products best suited for the needs of any oil and gas exploration project. We supply high-quality drilling fluid additives with high salt resistance made for brackish and hard water. In addition, we supply API 13-A drilling grade bentonite, fluid loss control agents and viscosifiers.


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Drilling Fluids for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless solution used for installing and replacing underground pipes. Utilizing drilling fluids in HDD assists in the removal of cuttings from the hole. Further assisted lubrication also cools and transmits all hydraulic energy to the bit.

With the use of proper drilling fluid, not only would it stabilize the formation of the trench during the drilling process, but it would also reduce the excessive amount of torque and drag produced. Plus, using proper fluids can significantly prevent site work delays and risks such as heavy stress on drilling equipment and hole collapse. Improvement of work activity can be taken into an advantage as incorporating the right drilling fluid improves cleaning and drilling rate efficiency.

Siam Minerals provides services with project-based mud solutions involving products catered especially for HDD projects. Clay stabilizers, detergents, thinning agents, viscosifiers and fluid loss control agents are made available for HDD, as well as HDD technology adapted products such as high yield bentonite materials, prime drilling agents, and proper testing equipment from Ofite. With the right tools at hand, Siam Minerals will ensure that our services in Professional Mud Engineering and Technical Support will be made efficient for all forms of HDD solutions.

Drilling Products for HDD