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Drilling Fluid Additives

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SIM LUBE is a liquid blend of neutral oils and modified oils used as a general borehole lubricant for use in water-based fluids. SIM LUBE exhibits excellent lubricity properties as well as other surface-active properties such as emulsification and wetting. SIM LUBE is applicable in any drilling or workover operations where excessive torque or drag is experienced. It may be added to brines or weighted fluids without affecting the existing characteristics.

Primary Application

Oil & gas exploration

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  • Reduces torque and drag (average: 20%)

  • Increases rate of penetration into the rod string/ pipe

  • Provides a thin layer film into rod string/ pipe to provide excellent lubrication.

  • Eliminates bit bailing and reduces vibration.

  • Readily dispersible in any solid-free drilling fluid or brine

  • Neutral to the rheological properties of bentonite-based drilling fluids

  • In most cases, will improve the overall API and HTHP fluid loss behaviours of the fluid.

  • Environmentally friendly

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