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Drilling Fluid Additives

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SIM SPERSE® is a formulation of synthetic polymers in liquid form. It is a multifactional thinner and dispersant for bentonite-based drilling fluids.

Primary Application

To prevent bit balling in HDD

Breaks down reactive clays that could lead to stuck pipes.

Thinner and defloculant

For special foundations, tunneling and other drilling applications

Retarding agent

As retarding agent for bentonite-cement slurries

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  • Breaks down reactive clay - Helps to prevent bit balling and mud rings in HDD

  • Thinner/fluidifier - Reduces the viscosity of heavily suspended mud

  • Deflocculant - Recovering contaminated/flocculated slurries

  • Fluid loss reducer - Improves the filtrate loss performance

  • Retarding agent - Improves workability of bentonite-cement slurry

  • Easy to use - Disperses quickly and works immediately

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