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Customized Drilling Fluids Solutions

As a team of well-experienced mud engineers we understand the science behind drilling fluids and have developed a range of high-performance polymer and bentonite mixes with low solids content for a wide range of applications. This, in turn, reduces our clients drilling costs and streamlines the drilling process.

High-Level Technical Support

Our mud engineers work side-by-side with clients to achieve the best results and ensure the smooth execution of all drilling operations. We are always on hand to respond to any technical problems you may encounter.

Deep Knowledge & Innovation

We bring deep knowledge and research, along with years of field experience, to the production of bentonite fluid mixes. Ongoing learning, innovation and optimization enables us to cater to changing customer needs, all while continually improving cost-effectiveness and performance.

Our commitment

Highest Quality Products

With quality control actions firmly implemented across our entire supply chain, we can proudly guarantee the highest quality drilling fluid products. This includes standardized testing procedures for our raw material and for every produced batch of speciality bentonites. Our production, lab and mud engineering team are working closely together to ensure the best drilling results for every client. Rheological properties and performances are monitored with every application on site and reported back to our production on a daily basis to quickly response to any occurring changes. Moreover, this allows us to always be on the frontier of innovation.

Highest Quality


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Lab Facilities

Our regional laboratory is well-equipped to provide soil characterization and to simulate field conditions. Our team will define the appropriate support fluids, sludge dewatering and back fill grouts solutions.







High Level

Technical Support

Professionally trained mud engineers, with years of experience in the industry and in the field, are at the very core of our approach. This not only allows us to provide drilling fluids with the most efficient rheological properties. With a global network of well experienced engineers we are able to reach out projects in every destination to provide advice, design mud plans and train your technicians on site.

  • Technical Support on site

  • Project-based formulations

  • Technical training for customers

  • Access to SIM laboratories

Our mud engineering services