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Nong-Fab LNG terminal in Thailand

Pipe Jacking in Thailand

Pipe Jacking at Nong-Fab LNG Terminal inBangkok

The LNG terminal in Thailand is a sea-water outfall tunnel that breaks records in many ways. It is not only the biggest LNG tank worldwide, but also the longest subsea tunnel using the pipe jacking technology.

As a well-established supplier for bentonite and polymers in Thailand, our team has been confident to supply the needed polymers and bentonite to help complete 2 pipe jacking tunnels at Nong-Fab over the past 1.5 years. Now, we are very proud to continue our partnership and provide polymers and bentonite for pipe jacking for the next tunnel as well. The new tunnel will be approximately 1350 m long and 3.95 m in diameter, so only

Project Size

Section length: 2 x 1150m, 2 x 1350m

Cutting diameter: 3.95m

Project Challenges

  • Fractured rock, silt, sand

  • Water conditions: Sea water Gulf of Thailand

  • A good know-how as well as a specific product range was needed for this rather large pipe jacking project to respond to challenges quickly. We supplied our seawater bentonite Tixobent SW, that is adapted to saltwater conditions and was able to create sufficient stability in the annular gap.

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