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Drilling Fluids for Pipe Jacking - Bentonite & Polymers

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Bentonites and Polymers for Pipe Jacking

Siam Minerals provides high-quality polymers and bentonites for pipe jacking projects. The use of specialty drilling fluids for pipe jacking is critical to the success of all trenchless projects. Only by considering the right rheological properties at an early stage of the project, the bentonite-based drilling mud can fulfil its functions. We offer polymers and bentonites for pipe jacking that provide essential lubrication and stabilisation of the tunnel face when a slurry shield is used. To achieve a successful application of both these elements (drilling fluid for lubrication as well as stabilisation of tunnel face), a good understanding from the construction team is absolutely necessary. Siam Minerals therefore also provides technical assistance alongside drilling fluids for pipe jacking projects to help you understand the trenchless project better and get the right and desired solution.

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Drilling Fluid Products for MicrotunnellingDrilling Fluid Products for Microtunnelling

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Pipe Jacking Drilling Fluids

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Bentonite slurries for Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking, or sometimes referred to as microtunnelling for smaller diameters, is a trenchless construction technique that receives more and more acknowledgement in the construction industry in recent years. It is an alternative for huge TBM, that lessens the environmental impact for smaller diameter and short-distanced projects. Especially in heavily urbanized areas it has proven its cost, time and space efficiency. However, it is still a rather new construction method and the knowledge among contractors about best practices for slurry-supported pipe jacking applications is restricted. A successful application therefore strongly relies on a technical team that has experience with drilling fluid management for pipe jacking or microtunnelling projects. Our team in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore has designed bentonite slurries for numerous pipe jacking projects in South East Asia and is the right contact for professional and reliable advice.

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Lubricants for Pipe Jacking

To achieve the targets for pipe jacking demands the skin friction between the jacked pipe and the surrounding ground need to be reduced as much as possible. Therefore, it is common practice to inject a lubricant into the annular gap. Siam Minerals provides oil-based and bentonite-based lubricants for pipe jacking that support the excavated area surrounding the pipe, provides adequate lubrication and ensures that ground particles remain afloat within the fluid.

Which lubricant is most suitable for the pipe jacking job depends on geological and hydrogeological properties of the ground, such as stability, permeability, pore size as well as rock joint opening. Our technical team is able to advise and determine rheological parameters such as yield point, viscosity and gel strength according to the client’s project.