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Drilling Fluid Additives

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GELBOOST is blend of natural inorganic products. GELBOOST provides exceptional shear-thinning properties as well as tolerance towards salinity and hardness in bentonite muds. GELBOOST has the unique feature to enhance the thixotropy of bentonite-based muds without increasing the plastic viscosity.

Primary Application

Rheology modifier

Suitable for Vertical Well Drilling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Slurry TBM, Pipe Jacking/ Microtunnelling.

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  • Rheology modifier - improves significantly yield point and gel properties

  • Moderate viscosity - drilling fluid remains pumpable even with high gel properties

  • High tolerance - towards salinity and hardness in bentonite muds

  • Quick and efficient - fast hydration, improves mud return immediately

  • Reduces mud loss - helps to develop an impermeable membrane in ground conditions with high permeability (coarse sand, gravel)

  • High stability - no biodegradation of drilling fluid

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