Horizontal Directional Drilling

Siam Minerals provides technical support and high-performance drilling muds for HDD projects, including clay stabilizers, detergents, thinning agents, viscosifiers and fluid loss control agents. We also provide HDD technology adapted products such as high yield bentonite materials, prime drilling agents, and proper testing equipment from Ofite.

Current Projects

Product Overview

TIXOBENT GS High thixropic bentonite
TIXOBENT HD Super high yield bentonite
BMS 500 Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (granules)
SIM LIQPOL Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (Liquid)
SIMPAC ULTRA Ultra high viscosity agent, fluid loss control
SIM PAC R Viscosifier, fluid loss control agent
SIM PAC L Low viscosity fluid loss control agent
SIM VIS L Low viscosity fluid loss control agent
SIM SPERSE Thinning agent
SIM LUBE Lubricant
SIM DET Liquid surfactant, detergent
RHEOXAN Salt resistant rheology modifier

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