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Drilling Fluid Additives

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SIM THREAD GREASE® is a heavy-duty thread compound containing specialized polymers and proprietary additives. It has a wide working temperature range, a low water wash value and aids in preventing corrosion. SIM THREAD GREASE is designed to reduce galling and friction and protects the threads from damage, wear and seizing. SIM THREAD GREASE is extremely tenacious, adhering to all metal surfaces

Primary Application


SIM THREAD GREASE is designed to be suitable for use in both wire line and air drilling applications. The product is applicable to the use of grease on the threaded connection parts of casings, oil pipes and drilling tools for oil and gas field exploration, mine, geological exploration, crossing equipment and other projects.

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Weight: 20 KG

SIM THREAD GREASE is delivered in plastic drums (20 kg net weight).

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