Deep Foundation

Siam Minerals supplies high-quality bentonites and additives for all deep foundation projects, including diaphragm walls and bore piles. From drilling fluids, bentonites, and polymers, we understand what’s best for you and ensure optimum performance for all your deep foundation and engineering needs.

Current Projects

Product Overview

TIXOBENT SQ Sodium activated bentonite
TIXOBENT SF4 Premium bentonite for d-walls
TIXOBENT SQ (M1) Special bentonite adapted on bore piling in multi layered ground conditions (clay, sand) in cimbination with BMS 500 Polymer.
BMS 500 Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (granules)
SIM LIQPOL Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (Liquid)
SIMPAC ULTRA Ultra high viscosity agent, fluid loss control
SIM VIS L Low viscosity fluid loss controll agent
SIM SPERSE Thinning agent

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