Drilling Fluids

Oil & Gas, Geothermal Exploration

Siam Minerals offers products best suited for the needs of any oil and gas exploration project. We supply high-quality drilling fluid additives with high salt resistance made for brackish and hard water. In addition, we supply API 13-A drilling grade bentonite, fluid loss control agents and viscosifiers.

Product Overview

TIXOBENT OCMASodium activated bentonite according to API 13 A sec 11
TIXOBENT APISodium activated bentonite according to API 13 A sec 9
SIM LUBELubricant
SIM DETLiquid surfactant, detergent
SIM FOAMFoaming agent
SIM TROL EXTRAViscosifier, fluid loss control agent
SIM CORE 800Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (granules)
SIM GUMXanthan Gum
SIM SPERSEThinning agent
SIM LIQPOLClay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (Liquid)
SIM PAC RPolyannionic cellulose (Regular grade)

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