Black Point Power Station

Black Point Power Station

Pipe Jacking in Hong Kong

Located in the New Territories region of Hong Kong, Black Point is one of the world’s largest gas-fired combined-cycle power stations with ultra low-sulphur diesel as backup fuel source.

About the project

Leighton Asia won the contract to upgrade the power station that has been in operation since 1996. Siam Minerals was brought on board to provide slurry materials, as well as quality control (QC) services and equipment.

The scope of work on the power station included excavation and lateral support activities, as well as developing deep shafts and pipe jacking for the delivery of a new cooling water intake and discharge facility, which includes a new pumping station and underground cooling water pipelines. In addition, a maintenance shaft and turbine hall will be used to house the power generation equipment and associated facilities.


Drive 1 (shaft F to A): 115 m ID, 2,600 mm straight drive

Drive 2  (shaft E to F): 380 m ID, 2,600 mm curve drive

Ground formation: predominantly compressed decomposition granite (CDG), silt, clayey, hard rock


  • Tixobent HD
  • BMS 500
  • Tixobent SF4
  • SIM FLOC B15

China Light Power

Tunneling machine:


Slurry materials:

Siam Minerals

Mud engineering:

Niva Solutions (Siam Minerals partner)

Project challenges

  • Drive 1 comprises CDG and massive clay
  • Drive 2 is only 3 meters from the sea banks, and has highly saline soil and ground water
  • Curve drive is 37 degrees and utilizes an interjack connection (IJS pipe) to push the pipe ring
  • STP operator works simultaneously on a slurry plan and lubrication plan