MRT Yellow Line Project

MRT Yellow Line Project

Lat Phrao-Samrong

The 30.4-kilometer Yellow Line (Lat Phrao-Samrong) is an elevated monorail system with 23 stations.

About the project

The Yellow Line of Bangkok’s Mass Transit System, to be completed by 2022, is one of the mass transits lines planned with the Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan. The line begins at the road intersections of Ratachadapisek and Lat Phrao and ends at Samrong on the Sukhumvit Line. The Yellow Line project has 23 stations and an additional 2 proposed stations with a total distance of 30.4 kilometers.


Barrette pile size:

  • Dimensions – 1.2 m x 3 m x 6 m
  • ± 100 piles


Gas pipeline:

  • Tixobent SF4
  • Simsperse 1205

Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

Main Contractor:

Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction

Project Challenges

  • Soil profile is a mixture of sand and silty clay, which is difficult to recycle using de-sanding equipment.
  • The Yellow Line project is constructed along high traffic roads, resulting in very difficult handling.

Drilling fluid challenges

The drilling fluid used for this project must contain sufficient fluid loss properties due to the need to drill into sandy formation to create support walls made from barette piles. The slurry used must also be thixotropic and effectively stable against salt contamination. Furthermore, silty clay formation affects the drilling fluids by making it heavier at a fast rate, thus requiring a high-quality additive to improve its recycling efficiency. Siam Minerals’ Tixobent was used to address these issues.