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Drilling Fluid Additives

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TSG INITIAL® is a tail seal grease for shielded TBMs. It is a viscous material that acts as a barrier to prevent the ingress of water, soil and other contaminants. It is specifically formulated as an “initial fill” to resist washout from high water and ground pressures and not break down under high mechanical pressures, and adheres to all surfaces.

Primary Application

“First fill” tail sealant in tunnel excavation

Efficiently seals gap between concrete segments and shield

Ensures protection for lifetime of the brushes.

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  • Excellent pumping properties - Uniform filling of the chambers

  • Environmentally friendly - Biodegradable, no harmful pollution

  • Excellent adhesion to all surfaces - Resistant to high water and ground pressures

  • Stable protective film - Prolonged life span of wire brushes

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