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Drilling Fluid Additives

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SRP 15®

SRP 15® is a synthetic polymer additive with high salt tolerance. SRP 15® is an efficient clay inhibitor, viscosifying and fluid loss control agent.

Primary Application

Clay inhibitor and lubricant

for vertical well drilling, HDD, EPB tunneling, Pipe jacking

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  • High salt tolerance - can be used in salty environment

  • High-yield polymer - Good results with low dosage

  • Non-diluted/high purity - High level of efficient polymer content – longer durability

  • Clay stabilizer - Inhibits active clays, prevents clogging and clay sticking

  • Supports filter cake creation - Reduces the fluid loss of bentonite-based slurry and speeds up the creation of a filter cake

  • Lubricant - Improves lubricity, reducing torque and drag

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