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Drilling Fluid Additives

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PRIMEPOL® 80 is a blend of synthetic polymer additives. PRIMPOL® 80 is a new generation polymer mixture adapted on bore piling in multi layered ground conditions (e.g. clay, sand) to use as pure polymer drilling fluid system without bentonite.

Primary Application

For bored piles in multilayered soils of active clays and sands, typical for Bangkok and Jakarta ground conditions.

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  • New generation polymer - No bentonite required

  • Improves pile quality - less sludge, better skin friction vs. bentonite or bentonite + polymer mud systems.

  • Adapted on sand conditions - Ability to create a thin filter cake at the sand layer

  • High-yield polymer - High viscosities at low dosage levels

  • Clay stabilizer - Inhibits active clays, prevents clogging and clay sticking

  • Lubricant - Improves lubricity, reducing torque and drag

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