Partnership with Reobent

Siam Minerals is pleased to announce our partnership with Reobent, a well-established drilling fluid company in Russia with warehouses in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Omsk, Ekaterinburg, and Stary Oskol.

This partnership means that clients in Russia are now able to get our high-quality drilling fluids and technical support for HDD and other drilling and civil engineering works.

Russia’s construction sector
Russia’s construction industry – one of the world’s largest at $150 billion annually – is one of the country’s main growth drivers. It is being boosted by a raft of urban expansion programs, as well as transport and infrastructure upgrades across the country. Moscow alone is packed with large-scale projects, but development in the North-West region, the Ural, Siberia and Volga federal districts, is thriving, driven by well-funded government programs.
The market for equipment, construction technologies, chemicals and finishing materials, which is approaching that of Europe, is growing to meet this demand. The Russian construction chemicals sector is highly competitive, with both established international players and strong Russian companies operating in the domestic market.
Growing client demand
There is a strong demand for non-standard approaches and innovative materials for both construction and mining, which has led to the expansion of the range of high-quality chemicals and solutions available. As the level of expertise grows and the logistics and supply chain improves across the country, standards are being raised to the European level.
“We are well-positioned for the Russian market as we do not only sell a product, but also solutions for specific applications,” Siam Industrial Minerals director Alexander Landau said.
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