Drilling Fluids


Siam Minerals provides services and products for all tunneling projects. We use specialized thinning agents, viscosifiers and fluid loss control agents, and other quality products for all project-based mud solutions, and ensure that your project is supervised and completed with professional mud engineering expertise. We use bentonite produced with high gel strength built for tunneling projects, along with special additives containing high salt resistance made for brackish and hard water. We also provide testing equipment from Ofite, to ensure projects are completed to the highest of standards.

Product Overview

TIXOBENT SQ Sodium activated bentonite
SIM LIQPOL Clay stabilizer, viscosifier, lubricant (Liquid)
SIMPAC ULTRA Ultra high viscosity agent, fluid loss control
SIM PAC L Low viscosity fluid loss control agent
SIM VIS L Low viscosity fluid loss control agent
SIM SPERSE Thinning agent
SIM FOAM Foaming agent
SIM RETARDER Liquid retarding agent for two-component backfilling grout system
SIM SODIUM SILICATE Sodium silicate for two-component backfilling grout system

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